Do I design a Flyer or a Brochure?

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When we need to design a small informative or advertising poster, it is very likely that we will see ourselves in the dilemma of which format will be the most suitable: a flyer, a brochure, a diptych, a treasure map, etc … Brochures or flyers They are one of the most used ways to communicate promotions, directly with our customers. There are many different formats, in the following article, we will describe the most common and their most common use. More sample posts that recommended, you may like it. Photoshop PSD Brochures, Fabulous Device Mockup Templates, Best Website Mockup Templates.

The Octavia or Flyer

It is one of the most used formats, its most common size is usually A6 or A5 and has two faces for our design. The main use of the flyer or flyer is to promote events, parties or specific offers without exceeding information as it is a small format.

The Diptych

The diptych does not have a standard measurement, although the most used is the A4 format. What identifies this format is that it is folded in half. This peculiarity multiplies its faces by two, allowing it to have more space to design. It is a perfect format for product promotions or establishments, which need to detail a little more information, photos, prices, etc.

The triptych

He is the older brother of the diptych, does not have a standard size. It is identified by having two doubles, which make it have six faces to work our design. This format is advisable when we have a lot of content to publish. Since we can distribute the content and improve its reading.

It can also be used for other types of promotions, in which we are clear that the format of the triptych is ideal for our design (location maps, use of several languages, etc.).


When we talk about designing a catalog, it is because the previous formats have been too small for us to locate all the information. This format would be better suited to your needs, having a minimum of 8 faces to design and expandable as needed.

The final result is similar to that of a magazine.

Its most common use is to promote a large number of products or services. Creating a large list where the customer can browse comfortably, a large stock of products or services. Once we have seen the most used types of brochures, we hope we have clarified your doubts when choosing one format or another according to your needs. As a summary, the two most important things to consider when choosing the ideal format:

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