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We are offering the best premium icon latest graphic design collections. These are the best quality graphic design templates, you can use it for personal and commercial use. Cooking UI symbols unit. Feast readiness slight line, glyph, and shading vector images set. Supper formula. Fork and plate. Food versatile application catches in mint circles pack. Website composition components assortment. The compress record contains EPS, JPG. In the event that you are keen on handcraft or need to make a few changes in accordance with buying the item. you may like it. Awesome Watercolor Clipart Templates, All Types Of Font Styles, Graphic Design Clip Art Illustrations

Notorious is 400 symbols pack, interesting affectionately created prepared for work area, web, and versatile. This group contains 20 symbol sets from the store, separated into 10 classifications with 4 distinctive document designs. Range Line Icons is an advanced arrangement of 1000+ vector symbols. 40 Neatly sorted out symbol classifications of high caliber and pixel-flawless symbols intended to look fresh and itemized even at little sizes. Every symbol is accessible in 3 styles and seven document arrangements to cover your necessities. Labeled and accessible symbols for the Iconjar application, so you can locate the correct symbol in a flash.


1500 Miscellaneous Line Icons

Very useful collection of 1500 icons, extraordinary for many uses. Features: All Icons are based on vector shapes (resizable and editable files). 31 Different icon categories: -01- arrows (60 icons) -02- energy (41 icons) -03- electronics (94 icons) -04- phone and messages (35 icons) -05- files and documents (120 icons) -06- email (23 icons) -07- birthday (11 icons) -08- economy (117 icons) -09- web (150 icons) -10- school (40 icons) -11- hospital and pharmacy (35 icons) -12- tools (41 icons) -13- weapons (14 icons) -14- weather (30 icons) -15- food and drinks (94 icons) -16- humans (32 icons) -17- house (99 icons) -18- clothes (47 icons) -19- transportation (40 icons) -20- constructions (16 icons) -21- water (12 icons) -22- sports and games (57 icons) -23- media (29 icons) -24- personal care (29 icons) -25- fauna (24 icons) -26- miscellaneous (142 icons) -27- flora (15 icons) -28- hand gestures (16 icons) -29- sea (13 icons) -30- baby (12 icons) -31- shipping and delivery (12 icons) Five types of files: .AI EPS SVG PNG JPG Ready to Use Files jpg files.




1500 Miscellaneous Color Icons

Very useful collection of 1500 icons, extraordinary for many uses. Features: All Icons are based on vector shapes (resizable and editable files). 31 Different icon categories: 01- arrows (60 icons) 02- energy (41 icons) 03- electronics (94 icons) 04- phone and messages (35 icons) 05- files and documents (120 icons) 06- email (23 icons) 07- birthday (11 icons) 08- economy (117 icons) 09- web (150 icons) 10- school (40 icons) 11- hospital and pharmacy (35 icons) 12- tools (41 icons) 13- weapons (14 icons) 14- weather (30 icons) 15- food and drinks (94 icons) 16- humans (32 icons) 17- house (99 icons) 18- clothes (47 icons) 19- transportation (40 icons) 20- constructions (16 icons) 21- water (12 icons) 22- sports and games (57 icons) 23- media (29 icons) 24- personal care (29 icons) 25- fauna (24 icons) 26- miscellaneous (142 icons) 27- flora (15 icons) 28- hand gestures (16 icons)



ICONIC 400 Vector Line Icons

ICONIC is 400 icons bundle, unique lovingly crafted ready for desktop, web and mobile. This bundle contains of 20 icon sets from the store, divided into 10 categories with 4 different file formats. You will save 70% buying this bundle. Categories: Hotel Fitness Cloud Party Wedding Sex Shop Hobby Travel Esoteric Virus Prevention Features: Editable stroke 64x64px grid with 4px stroke 2 Colors present, black and white Customizable vector elements Well organized Free updates Each pack include: 20 SVG icons 20 PNG icons AI file with 20 icons EPS file with 20 icon




1000+ Minimalist Icons Bundle

Spectrum Line Icons is a modern set of 1000+ vector icons. 40 Neatly organized icon categories of high quality and pixel-perfect icons designed to look crisp and detailed even at small sizes. Each icon is available in 3 styles and seven file formats to cover your needs. Tagged and searchable icons for the Iconjar application, so you can find the right icon in seconds. 1000+ Minimalist Icons Bundle Features: Pixel perfect icons worked on a precise grid system (30px & 32px) 3 styles including vivid and flat Organized icons in separate categories and file types Various file formats including .ai, .eps, .svg, .png, .eot, .ttf, .woff, .sketch, .iconjar Grouped Illustrator Ai files and Ai files containing artboards Eps10 vector files for each category Individual SVG files for each icon Individual Png files for each icon Icon fonts with reference Tagged and searchable icons for Iconjar Adjustable line width ↓ What's included? 1000 line vector icons in three styles 40 Icon categories 80 grouped Illustrator Ai files 80 Illustrator Ai artboard files (CS6+) 80 Vector Eps10 files Individual .svg files for each icon (vivid, flat, grey color) 30px grid: 30x30px, 60x60px, 120x120px, 240x240px Png 32px grid: 32x32px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px Png 40 Eot font files 40 Ttf font files 40 Woff font files 80 Sketch files (OSX) 2 Iconjar files (OSX)















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